The Who’s Who

George Bruce / Poet
Mallie E. Boman / Director/Producer
Allen J. Steir/ Executive Producer
Abe Shainberg, Esq., / Co-Executive Producer
Inga Khavkina / Co-Producer
Angelo Corrao / Co-Producer
Savvas Paritsis / Assistant Editor
George Leslie / Cinematographer - Scotland
Plamen Pankoff / Cinematographer - North America
Chilton Inglis / Sound
Composer / Joel Goodman

Technical Advisors:
Dr.AK Alexander, Critic and Literary Scholar, Oxford University; Lucina Prestige, Literary Editor, Edinburgh; Edwin Morgan, Poet Laureate Glasgow; Dr. Robyn Marsak, Scottish Poetry Library; Fraserburgh Historical Society; and Dr. Michael Basinski, Associate Curator, Poetry/Rare Books Collection, SUNY, Buffalo.

Pernod Ricard
M.M. Kaplan Foundation
Exposure Project for the Arts
The Vault
Stars & Strategies, Inc.
David & Barbara Bruce
Jean Noble
Allen Nyoshin Steir
Chilton Inglis
Shirley & Harold Peterfreund
Rachel Singer
The George Bruce Family
Lucina Prestige
Renaissance Press
Scottish Lighthouse Museum
Eileen Newman

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